Choose running shoes for novice raiders, do not waste your money

Have the right pair of running shoes for runners to participate in sports terms is essential. For a running novice, "What makes a good running shoes?" Running shoes recommended, this is a daily problem. Even massive online Raiders, even all kinds of choose shoes software for a reference , running for a novice and numerous "select syndrome", a pair of shoes is still a big thing!


Novice runners choose shoes must see, do not waste money on the wrong

First, make sure your feet arch type, not simply a subjective judgment yourself what type of feet, wet feet is recommended to use simple test. After simply is both feet wet, stand on the floor, watching footprints. If the intermediate position is very narrow high arches, other analogy.
You know what type of arch after, we have to choose running shoes. Divided into the following three types:

Cushioning running shoes best suited to high arches insufficient pronation runners. These shoes do not support the middle, but enhance the cushioning properties of the midsole. For high arch runners, insufficient internal rotation usually exist, but in the end happens to be enhanced in order to absorb shocks and therefore of the feet.

Control running shoes are usually low arches and flat feet crowd design, moderate or excessive pronation situation of such people exist. This type of running shoes in the middle of the sole use of reinforcing support to alleviate excessive pronation. At the same time, the end of this shoe will be designed to be wider, relatively flat. For weight heavier runners, in order to obtain a better support and strength can also consider buying such shoes.

The crowd stable running shoes are those with normal or moderate arch, ankle in minor or moderate pronation runners. This shoe cushioning between type and control type, both the support and cushioning insole middle. Because the normal and moderate arch arch is the most common type of foot, so most runners probably stable for running shoes.

Ten golden rule for choose shoes

1, if you can not wear it to walk, no matter how much you love it, do not take it home. Stiletto heel, knees trembling walk not an elegant thing.
2, after having been black air max shoes to bright bold attempt, starting with beige, khaki entry, to the crayon-like pastel color, and finally to a neon color, brighten the overall image by shoes. But red dress with a low-key choose the best shoes, oh.

3, if you choose the visual effect of a grand clothes, shoes and so will a little soft. If your clothes more low-key, then the shoes are best overhangs that can make you feel so excited.

4, choose the right shoes for different occasions, you can not in a sexy cocktail party Evening dose casual wear flat heels double, you can not open sandals match conservative suit. If you really do not know how to mix, then choose the right pair of black high-heeled shoes Baotou.

5, refused to thin heels outdoor activities. Because of this shoes will make you hurt, but the shoes will be injured. Flats is the best choice, but if you want a bit higher effect, wedge heel is a good choice.
6, fine with high-heeled sandals can make you a sex symbol. If you want to own more personal, you can select those big fuss heel shoes.

7, the night is the best time infested dazzling shoes, work during the day, it is best to put the header or fish head shoes.

8, when you wear super high heels, knee length skirt preferably from an inch. If you choose a miniskirt, then I suggest you wear flat heels or the heel, so as not to expose too much leg, it seems only a visual balance.

9, with a note of visual balance. To platform shoes and clothing with relatively complex, through some deft fine details so that the overall look is not too bureaucratic. When you wear thin coat, the strap sandals is the best partner.

10, every woman's closet should have three kinds of shoes, that is in the heel, high heels, flats or wedges. Do not always wear flat shoes tall another job, and not because of short stature will never wear high heels, the woman is concerned, it is important that you are changing.

Teach you how to look at shoes know the man

There is a saying, "Scent of a Woman", today say is "look at shoes know man", shoes can represent a person's living conditions, identity and character, from shoes habits is inside a man can see through of. [Test] teach you how to look at shoes know the man!
Psychological testing:
Look around him, like what kind of shoes to wear?
A, slippers, casual sandals
B, law-abiding shoes
C, sports shoes
D, cute student shoes
E, boots
F, British avant-garde hip-hop shoes

Character Analysis:
A: I like to wear sandals and slippers man quite confident of their own, like his good side show. Her popularity in general is good, a lot of friends, but also very interested in the opposite sex. But personality is quite stubborn and difficult to convince. Others want more for his sake.
B: people like to wear shoes, mature personality and generous, like thinking, clever mind. In life and work are very conscientious and hard work, the requirements of the people around things will be relatively high. Typically, such a person is suitable for relatively honest, if you want to be with him, to generous good for him, care about him.
C: I like to wear sports and leisure shoes man, seemingly bold aesthetic, easy to get along, but he will protect himself very, very strong vigilance. Generally more difficult to see a friend of his mind, under the strong defense, but he has a very fragile emotional.
D: Students like to wear style, modeling simple shoes man, simple sensitive personality, family education, rigorous, easy to suppress their feelings, words and deeds so usually more introverted, but in fact have such a person would want to try some adventures.
E: people like to wear short or long boots on the system boots, the freedom-loving, independent personality, do not like to be bound, the courage to express themselves. Although it looks like is not difficult to get close to, but to become his partner, you must have some talent, and know him.
F: avant-garde shoes like people, pay attention to the pursuit of fashion and popular, like become a focus of attention, bold style in appearance, but in fact it has very conservative. I wanted him to be sure he's a lot of merit, encouragement, make him more confident.

When you want to start running, the important thing is to understand your foot

When you want to start running, the important thing is to understand your foot, then buy a pair of foot characteristics consistent with their running shoes. Only so your workout will go smoothly, effective, and avoid injuries. Selection of sports shoes is not very complicated, just need to follow the following steps.
According to different features and sports shoes can be divided into the following five kinds:

1. Control Action: For moderate to severe turn in the foot type, as well as higher weight people, it can improve control of the heel, and the runners running motion, and can support the arch area. Its external features are the arch area thickened, medium weight shoes emphasis.
2, shock absorber padded categories: better technology for running, foot or forefoot middle ground, with feet and lateral support of the runners. Medium weight emphasis shoes, thick soles.
3, Stabilized: for mild to moderate foot turned inside, middle and foot lateral support of the runners. From medium weight of the shoe.
4, competition categories: technology is good for running, weight lighter or mild varus foot inside runners use. Since the weight of the shoe lighter.
5, off-road categories: thick soles, deep trench, suitable for running on land, forest and other natural ground wearing. Since the heavier weight of the shoe.


Running shoes selection:
1, the sole material
Good quality running shoes, no matter what brand of its main structure has similarities. Wherein the outsole is touching the ground floor, slightly harder texture, wear-resistant, non-slip function. There are a few very light running shoes not outsole, these shoes are only suitable when running on a treadmill wearing. Middle bottom cushioning layer is the most important, it is softer than the outer sole, arch support shoes can be controlled at the bending twisting forces, and the impact of the fall in the conduction from the heel to the forefoot. Shock absorber in the heel is the most important, the brand has its own technology and features. Insole can usually be removed, it is the last line of defense and the correction damping foot shortcomings. Vamp is designed to allow feet and shoes closely, both ventilation cooling function. Heel hard to help improve the stability of the foot landing.
Currently, many well-known brands of walking shoes have chosen EVA or compressed EVA as the main material of the sole.
EVA is a soft, lightweight and elastic foam material, even after a long walk, which is also part of the pressure within a day rebound to its original state, is the ideal sole material.
2, heel
Correct walking posture is the heel first. Thus in the choice of walking shoes, the heel should not be overlooked. Good stability, slightly inclined, with a heel cushioning effect is the best choice.
3, the outsole
Outsole that best reflect the overall shape of the shoe. Choose according to the foot-shaped flat, curved or semi-curved outsole, so as to play an appropriate role in the protection of the ankle.
4, in the end
Midsole is softer between the upper and the outsole and has a certain damping effect of the layer, the effect of having a foot holder. Selection should focus on practical, not to be confused nowadays some popular concepts.
5, stability
Walking ankle is rotated inward, the pressure arch and ligament tissue will increase. Thus, a long walk or ankle excessive pronation can cause heel pain embolism. A good walking shoes tend to have good stability, can avoid the ankle joint rotation within the various injuries.
6, insoles
Most better quality walking shoes are equipped with an elastic pad, which can maximize the protection of the foot, the resulting ease when walking foot pain and other symptoms.
7, toe
Located in the forefront of the toe shoes, they have a role in protecting the toes, so their choice should be comfortable and appropriate, and to be compatible with the foot. Never select pointed shoes, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage to the foot.


Overall choose their own shoes should pay more attention to the following points:
1, the purpose is to avoid sneakers sport engaged in special stress on the foot injury, the athlete more friction.
2, a pair of sports shoes is key perfect comfort. Comfort will reduce blisters and other skin problems.
3, while the sneakers of choice, then focus on functionality, the movement should choose different items of different professional sports shoes, size fit comfortable cushion to prevent vibration, reduce joint stress, durability is not broken, easy cleaning and maintenance. Do not wear the same shoes in the usual exercise. Sports shoes should be able to meet the specific biological needs. Characteristics of the shoe is also very important, no matter what sport you're in, your shoes should be able to cushioning and support, and to strike a balance between durable and the most important factor ---- fit. All in all, these features can help you exercise comfortably and prevent foot, leg or lower back injury.
4, wear during exercise, in addition to beautiful and handsome, the most important thing is to fit exercises events and environments.
5, ventilation is also important, let feet breathe air permeability, elastic can absorb sweat insoles, heel will have to pay attention to strong and stable.
6, the choice of running shoes, shoe heel to large firm, the need for lining the tongue below the laces to protect feet and extensor digitorum tendon. With soft sandwich soles to absorb the shock effect; to light should be soft, impact-resistant soles; to stability and shock absorbers are prime concerns.
7, buy sneakers, you should try the sports socks, toe tip reserve space, 2 to 3 cm longer than the length of the foot shoes more suitable. New shoes longer than old shoes loose, toes and toe space reservation can avoid foot swelling to scratch, moisture regulating foot, the foot dry.

A pair of shoes Note tips:
1, the size should be moderate. A pair of shoes, it is best to wear with or double thick socks, a pair of shoes when using. To choose shoes at night or after exercise.
2, a pair of shoes before, be sure to tweak the look, pair of shoes bang hard enough, but not easy to distort. Then put on, tighten the laces, do squat action, at the same time lift the heel, the feeling after the bang'll wrap heel shoes (this is to buy a pair of shoes the most important and most easily overlooked place), If it is easy to fall, it is not the quality of shoes is much too much time.

Maintence of Sport Shoes - Tips of Washing Sport Shoes

Maintence of Sport Shoes - Tips of Washing Sport Shoes,For now, sport shoes could be said as the mainstream of shoes in our lives. No matter man or woman, old or young, their sport shoes occupy a very large part amony all their shoes. But not everyone knows how to wash these sport shoes. Here, let's learn several necessary tips of washing sport shoes.

First, put your shoes in the water with cleaning agent for a while. But remember do not wait for too much time to wash your shoes. The time of immersion should be limited within 10 mintues.

Second, in general, shoe-pad is supposed to be the most important part of sport shoes. So we neeed to pay more attention when washing the shoe-pad. Remember do not use any cleaner, othewise the surface of layer cloth may fall off.

Third, avoid sun exposure. The best way is to dry sports shoes is to put it on the natural ventilation place. After that, you can cover "shoe leather care cream" on the surface of the shoes in order to protect it from exposure.

Most Fashionable Wearing Style In Winter - Sports Shoes with Overcoat

Modern personality mix this year - white trousers with green sport shoes, girls can try this style which could totally show your special taste and unique personality.  You may see many girls wear this style on the streets. The collocation of sweater and coat is very warm and very simple. No matter from which point of view, sports shoes could be perfect decorations of this type of collocation.

As one of the most classical color in winter, camel over coat can be fashionable in any collocations. Just as you see in the picture, black trouser and gray sport shoes - fashion but also comfortable.

Just as we all know that simple style has become more and more popular those years. People are not only pursue fashion but also comfort, sport shoes are undoubtedly the best choice for those people. Compared with jacket, overcoat might be a better choice for keep warm.

Special Designed Sports Shoes Seem More than Comfortable

In some people's eyes, shorts shoes should be designed in high heel and thick leather. But according to the relevant reports, low heel designed shoes are everywhere today. Some experts suggested that only low heel design can protect our feet at the greatest extent when we are doing some vigorous exercise or playing important games. In addition, the low designed shoes also have the function of flexibility.


On the other hand, the surface of this new type of special design shoes should be also ventilated and elastic or we won't feel the supportive feelings caused by special materials. In matter in terms of comfortable or practicability, the new design is certainly a good choice.


Actually, elasticity of the heel is also different from the traditional one. We can feel not that hurt when we fall to the ground by our feet. You know, with the protection of low heel, our feet can be greatly protected. Thanks to the new technology, sprain events can be avoided as far as possible.


The last but not the least, this discount sports shoes are suitable for wearing no matter in summer or winter due to its super good air permeability.

Suitable Shoes for Outdoor Hiking

Along with the arrival of the tourist boom, a lot of people begin to speed time on choosing hiking shoes which should be suitable for outdoor activities. Still, some people found that it is actually not easy to find a pair of perfect outdoor hiking shoes without speeding more extra money. You know, compared with other types of equipment for activities, a pair of great hiking shoes seems much more important.


Believe it or not, some people even don't know which kind of shoes they should pick in terms of convenience for hiking. In my view, no matter which kind of shoes we will choose, durability and comfort must be put in first priority. The shoes could be good as long as it won't hurt feets after long time traveling.


The good news is that more and more kinds of suitable hiking shoes have been lunched into the market due to advanced technology of shoes industry. For example, the new environmental-protection material makes it possible to offer antibiosis function today. Besides, it is also a choice to prefer a pair of brand shoes which wil certainly improve your personal taste to some extent.


Sum up, the hiking shoes we choose should be comfortable to wear and also strong enough to resistance to bad environment.

Tips for Choosing the Suitable Sports Air Max Shoes

Since Air Max shoes have become so welcomed, more and more kinds of Air Max shoes have been launched in order to meet the large demands. But it seems a little difficult for customers to choose their suitable shoes today. The followings are the tips of choosing the right Air Max shoes which may do some help when you choose your own shoes.

First, Compare with the Different Materials
We all know that clothes are made of many kinds of materials that only some of them are in high quality. Actually, the requirements of sports shoes are much higher than clothes since a pair of great shoes need to be air permeability and comfortable for wearing. So when you choose the Air Max shoes, the breathable materials should be taken into the first consideration.

Second, Pay attention to the Sports Shoe Design
Compared with other shoes, the design of Air Max shoes are special and professional, specially for the design of the bottom of the shoes. You should know that all the Air Max shoes have perfect soles which are stretchy, air permeability and also stable, such as the Air Max Classic BW (Womens)AIR MAX CLASSIC 91 BW SHOES WOMENS.

Third, Brand Sports Shoes are Better
The last but not the least, in general, the brand companies are much credible. And the Air Max shoes which are made in these comopanies usually have high quality and customers will enjoy better after-sale service. Besides, the designs from brand sports shoes always lead the fashion trend of the whole sports shoes market. So it is a great idea to choose the brand sports Air Max shoes.

The Necessary Stuff for Exercising - Air Max Shoes

We all know that air max shoes are much more comfortable than other kinds of shoes because of the speical air massage designed in top and the under of shoes. According to the relevant reports, Air Max shoes first take use of the  Air Sole shock technology which can improve the antiknock characteristic to a very large extent. Besides, the weight of shoes will also be reduced. The most important factor is that Air Max seems to become one of the most prominent marks of sports shoes at the moment.

It is believed that a pair of great shoes will do a great help to your exercise in our daily lives. Our feet need enough space and air to relax during the sports. On the other hand, Air Max shoes could be stretchy that make our feet feel very comfortable even the exercise is very scorching. It is said that the design of Air Max shoes also play an excellent stability role in the basketball field. These kinds of shoes could provide people with a high level protection from massive attack, such as AIR MAX 2009 SHOES MENS-APPLE. This is the reason why more and more people begin to choose the Air Max shoes than other shoes today.

I do beleive that Air Max shoes have already captured the entire shoes market at the moment. Now, spring is coming, there is no time better than this reason which is very suitable for exercising. If you are the person who like nature or sports, then the Air Max shoes should the necessary stuff for you.

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